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Damansara Uptown Business & Premise Owner Association (DUBPOA)

Business and premise (shop) owners of Damansara Uptown Petaling Jaya are currently in the process of forming an association tentatively named "Damansara Uptown Business & Premise Owner Association" (DUBPOA) as an official channel to collectively solve various problems plaguing Damansara Uptown, make Damansara Uptown a popular and pleasant shopping center plus to liaise with the authorities as a group.

Currently, the most pressing problems facing Damansara Uptown is the parking problem. There is simply not enough roadside parking. While there is the multi-storey car park plus 2 open air car parks, these serve mainly those areas near to them. The open car park in front of HSBC is forever full. Further, ladies cite fear of robbery and snatch thieves as reason for not wanting to park in these car park while others say it is not convenient especially if one only intend to drop by for only a short period.

Currently, MBPJ is conducting frequent towing away of double parked vehicles as well as those not parked at designated parking lots. There is a real danger that such exercise will eventually discourage many from visiting Damansara Uptown. As such, there is an urgent need to find a solution.

The photo below shows MBPJ towing operation which have only created unnecessary multi-lane "expressway" which only contribute to the parking woes:

Extra roadside parking could easily be created without any impediment to traffic flow and we hope MBPJ would consider that possibility.

As a temporary measure until a more permanent solution is in place, perhaps DUBPOVA can try to persuade MBPJ to not tow cars which do not obstruct traffic plus whose driver leaves their contact details such as handphone number on the dashboard and follow certain rules such as undertaking to move the car within a certain time frame to allow other cars to move while vehicles which obstruct traffic, didn't leave contact details plus do not follow specified rules be towed away. It is stressed that this will only be a temporary measure while awaiting permanent solutions.

Another solution is for all interested parties to cooperate in the construction of covered and lighted pedestrian walkways with CCTV starting from the multi-storey car park to all areas of Damansara Uptown. This is to encourage more to park at the multi-storey car park plus alley the worries especially of the ladies who fear robbery and snatch thieves. A pedestrian walkway should also be constructed to cut through the middle of Damansara Uptown from the multi-storey car park to Jalan SS21/37. Some owners have already indicated willingness to contribute financially to construction of the covered pedestrian walkways.

A much more desirable permanent solution had been suggested which if successful will permanently solve the parking woes in Damansara Uptown, make it a more pleasant place to visit and shop and conduct business plus increase the value of properties in Damansara Uptown. This solution however will need much hard work, approval of various authorities plus many years before it can materialize but will definitely make parking a breeze for Damansara Uptown. More details later.

We need the support of everyone who have a stake in a thriving Damansara Uptown business community and hope you will contact us via this Damansara Uptown contact form

Damansara Uptown Business & Premise Owner Association
23B Jalan SS21/56B
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
GPS Coordinates: 3.137758,101.622323

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