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Review: Resto Padang Minang Sembilan

Update: Restaurant closed. Replaced by Hayaki 24 Hour Restaurant
This latest newly opened Indonesian food based Kopitiam, Resto Padang Minang Sembilan at Damansara Uptown is conveniently situated at a corner lot of Jalan SS21/37 Uptown Damansara. I have been told that it is not in full swing yet, but being the curious person I am I entered the newly opened restaurant.

Resto Padang Minang Sembilan Damansara Uptown

There are 3 main sections, the food counter, the drink dispensing bar and the essential cashier counter. A long wash basin is hidden at the back if you want to wash your hand before eating.

Resti Padang Minang Sembilan food counter
Resto Padang Minang Sembilan bar counter

Befitting my curious nature, I ordered the green textured chicken (Ayam Lada Hijau) which reminded me of the Thai green curry and a vegetable dish (Jengkol) I have never seen before and white rice. I also ordered a drink I thought I never had before - Teh Jahe

Nasi putih ayam lada hijau Jengkol

How was the food? I heard a rumor that the cooks prefer to hand grind the spices, a laborious process. The food itself was cold when served which may be a problem for those who like their food hot or warm at least. However, the taste was good and spicy. Anyway, it was unique enough to satisfy my curious soul and the ayam lada hijau is hot (pedas) enough to make my nose run a little.

The cost?

Nasi puteh (white rice) RM1.00
Ayam Lada Hijau RM4.50
Jengkol RM1.00
Teh Jeha RM2.00

Teh Jeha is just Indonesian for Teh Halia or Ginger tea.

Padang food of Minangkabau people of Sumatra Indonesia

Location map: Resto Padang Damansara Uptown

View Resto Padang Minang Sembilan in a larger map

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