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MPAJ increasing number of parking bays. MBPJ should do likewise

MPAJ (Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya) plans to increase the number of parking bays. Since there is insufficient roadside parking bays in Damansara Uptown, MBPJ should seriously consider doing the same where the roads are wide enough.

The photo below is taken at the entrance of Jalan SS21/37 beside Bank Rakyat. It shows that if the center portion of the road where there is a double line and that space is cleared of cars, the distance from the parking bays on both side of the road is an estimated huge 50 feet. What does MBPJ plans to do with this 50 feet wide open space?

50 feet wide expressway between parking bays in Jalan SS21/37

Extra parking bays should be created on both sides of the double line thus increasing the number of parking bays plus enable MBPJ to collect extra revenue for parking. Isn't this more logical than towing away cars and leaving a wide 50 feet of expressway for speeding cars?

Article from the Star:
MPAJ to increase number of parking bays

THE Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) is planning to increase the number of parking bays around Ampang this year.

Its president Mohammad Yacob said road reserves might be converted into parking bays depending on the suitability.

On a plan to increase insurance payment for 2011 to include the spouses and children of MPAJ’s 700-strong staff, the councillors were agreeable to the matter but believed the premium could be lower.

“Currently, the 2011 budget for insurance coverage is RM700,000 and covers hospitalisation and necessary medical treatment. However, it does not provide for treatment of terminal illnesses or cosmetic surgeries,” Mohammad said.

“The change will see the budget going up to RM1.3mil,” he said, adding that the council would be able to afford the sum with proper management of its funds.

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