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Park (garden), Waterfall & Koi Pond

Do you know there is a public park (garden), waterfall and koi pond right in the heart of Uptown Damansara? It is quietly hidden and enclosed by Uptown 1, Uptown2, Uptown 3 and Uptown 5 and the ideal place for you to de-stress:

Location map of Uptown Damansara Park (Garden)
Entrance 1 and Entrance 2
Koi Pond
Koi Fishes
Reflexology path

Entrance is from either the left side of Uptown 5 (which is also from the back and right side of TH Uptown 3) or the left side of TH Uptown 3 (or the back and left side of Uptown 1) which also happens to be the smoking zone plus a place for chauffeurs waiting for their bosses:

Entrance 1 from left side of Uptown 5

Entrance 2, left side of TH Uptown 3

As you walk up the stairs, you will be greeted by calming palm trees and soothing green plants and right in the middle is the koi pond and waterfall:

and beautiful koi fishes. If you like feeding fishes, bring along some bread of fish food:

And there is even a reflexology path for you to walk barefooted to massage your soles for health:

Secret Uptown garden with reflexology path

Location map: Uptown Damansara Park (Garden)

View Uptown Damansara Park (Garden) in a larger map

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