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Selfish Office Workers hog roadside parking

Uptown businesses had been complaining about selfish office workers who hog the kerbside parking bays by arriving early in the morning and feeding the parking meters to park the whole day long thus depraving visitors of scarce roadside parking (Click Read more for details)

Here are some video of office worker feeding the parking meter to park the whole day and depriving casual visitors of scarce roadside parking. By right, they should park at the Multi-storey car park at Jalana SS21/39:

DUPOVA hope the authorities will implement the maximum 2 hours for metered parking to force the whole day parking motorists to park in the 24 hour Multistorey Carpark instead as Damansara Uptown Car Parks Sdn Bhd. has made it very affordable with the rates set at only RM1.00 for the first 2 hours.

Taipan USJ implemented the maximum 2 hours metered parking and the parking situation in Taipan has greatly improved. MBPJ should do the same for Uptown.

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