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Taang ShiFu Restaurant (Herbal Soup)

Taang Shi Fu Restaurant Damansara Uptown
109 Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama (Uptown)
Petaling Jaya 47400
Tang Shifu herbal soup

Tang Shifu Herbal hampers

Tang ShiFu Video
Location map & GPS coords
Nourishing soup
Nourishing drinks
Nourishing dessert
Tang ShiFu Herbal Hampers

Nourishing soup

Nourishing soup with ginseng
Nourishing soup with American ginseng
Dried Mee Suah with Dried Scallop & Abalone Slices
Mee Suah with dried scallop & abalone slices
Dried scallop porridge with whitebait wolfberry
Fish porridge with dried scallop
The choice of Buddha
Tang Shifu mixed seafood good fortune basin
Stewed fish head with wine and Chuan Xiong
Polygonum with tendons mushrooms
Black Sesame Bun
Norishing dumplings soup

Nourishing Drinks

Autumn tea
Winter melon with water chestnuts
Throat protecting tea
Ling Yang drink

Nourishing dessert

Dried pear with chuan bei
Snow jelly with red dates
Bird's nest with rock sugar & ginseng

Tang ShiFu Video

Location map: Tang Shifu Damansara Uptown

GPS Coord: @3.1333492675393613,101.62104606628418

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