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Review: Village Park Restaurant, nasi lemak

Village Park Restaurant specialize in nasi lemak and while very popular, I had a bad experience there yesterday evening. Not only was it very expensive at RM7.20, the mutton was like pieces of "unchewable" rubber.

It was near closing time and when I pointed out my choice - chicken drumstick which still have 2 remaining, they said no more chicken drumstick. So I had to order mutton. When the mutton nasi lemak arrived, I found it to be extremely "rubbery" and however hard I chew it refused to break into smaller pieces.

I complained to a staff, and they said there are also beef rendang mixed with the mutton. Woh, they never ask or told me earlier!!!! What if I had been a Hindu and beef is haram (forbidden)?

At the counter, I comlained to the cashier, their concession was only a small discount and repriced at RM7.00 which to me is still expensive (note: I am a bit kedekut (stingy) with regards to food prices so that is only my opinion. From the popularity of the restaurant, others don't think likewise)

Conclusion? I wouldn't eat there again.

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