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Review: Nasi Arab Ta'if & Mandi Lahem

No, Mandi Lahem is not a special kind of bath but Arabic for a rice dish with lamb and when Nasi Arab Ta'if Damansara Uptown opened for business this month of April, the ever curious me could not resist trying it out. (Update: Nasi Arab Taif closed, replaced by Free Mori Bakery Cafe)

. The photos below shows exactly what Mandi Lahem is with the lamb photoed first wrapped and then unwrapped:

The little dish that looked suspiciously like chilli is probably not chilly but tomato puree. The little dish with whitish stuff is probably some vegetables with yoghurt.

And the taste? The lamb was tender. The rice was spicy and aromatic with a kind of smell and taste that is probably delicious but to this novice, a little too much, something like incense. The price - RM14 but the serving was generous as was commented by another diner in the next table, and pretty tasty too, he said.

More information at Wikipedia - Mandi (food).

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