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Brief review: Bok Hong Yun Chicken Rice Restaurant

This newly opened Bok Hong Yun Chicken Rice Restaurant is no ordinary chicken rice shop. The first question I posed to the owner was what they use to make their chicken rice.

The original Hainanese recipe for chicken rice is to use chicken stock to cook the rice instead of plain water. However, for convenience and speed, most chicken rice restaurant used margarine instead of chicken stock and can be easily identified by their bright yellow color. I was told that margarine is just 1 step away from becoming a plastic and if you see the original color of margarine which is a horrid grey color you wouldn't want to eat it. It is hydrogenated fat and is not healthy to eat.

I was relieved when the owner told me that they used many spices for their chicken rice instead because they know margarine is not healthy. Here is my amatuerish photo of the chicken rice I took that day with roasted pork instead of chicken as originally intended:

Bok Hong Yun Chicken Rice with spices and roast pork

Another thing about the restaurant is that it is not an ordinary chicken rice restaurant because they serve many other things than just chicken rice. They serve claypot porridge, saute veggie, braised egg, braised chicken feet, braised pork with egg, braised mix platter (egg, chicken fee, pork, mushroom), sour and spicy mix veggie, salted fish fried rice, salted fish stir fry sprout, fried bean curd pork.

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