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Obanhmi Vietnamese Sandwiches Restaurant

33 Jalan SS21/56B (Closed: Replaced by Skippys Pizza Uptown)

Damansara Utama (Uptown)
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7732 8540

Business hours:
Tue - Sunday: 9.30am - 9.30pm
Monday: Closed
Pickup service available. Call 03-7732 8540 then drive or walk to Obanhmi to pickup your order

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Main Menu
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Main Menu: (banh mi is Vietnamese baguette)

O Susu: Vietnamese Baguette with "condensed milk" (actually a creamer as condensed milk can no longer be found in Malaysia)
O Telur: Banh mi with egg
O Rolly: Banh mi with spring roll
O School: Classic Vietnamese sandwich
O Sunny: Banh mi with egg sunny side up
O BBQ: Banh mi with roast pork
O.M.G.: What is this? The supper Vietnamese sandwich?
Stew-O: Banh mi with stew beef


Vietnamese milk coffee RM4
Vnmese Iced Lemon Tea: RM3.5
Soft drink: RM3

Add on

Fresh Baguette (Tue - Fri): + RM2.5
Extra chicken, ham or egg: + RM1
Extra BBQ pork skew: + RM2.50


Obanhmi Vietnamese Sandwich in Damansara Uptown

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Location map: Obanhmi Vietnamese Sandwich Restaurant

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