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Starling Boutique Mall ample car parks

Good news for citizens of Uptown Damansara. The Starling Boutique Mall will soon be completed and open for business. There is what the façade will look like:

Damansara Utpwn Starling Mall façade

And even better news - car parks. There is going to be more than ample car parks. Sufficient for the visitors to the mall as well as the rest of Uptown. The basement car park is already partially opened and more car park bays will be available later.

That is not all. There will be ramps to allow cars to drive up to the upper floors where there are more multi-floors car parks at the back of the mall. With so much car park bays, the parking woes of Damansara Uptown will soon be over. Look at the photos below:

damansara uptown starling mall ramp to car park

Multi-floors car park at rear of The Starling Mall:

Damansara Utpwn Starling Mall upper floors car parks

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