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Public transport to and from Damansara Uptown

Bus From To Link
800 Bandar Utama KL Sentral Bus 800
802 Kelana Jaya LRT Station Kota Damansara Bus 802
T813 TTDI MRT Station Damansara Uptown Bus T813
T784 Taman Bahagia LRT Station Damansara Uptown Bus T814
Bus KL Rapid 780Pasar SeniKota Damansara
SM1 The Starling Mall TTDI MRT Station Bus SM1
SM2 The Starling Mall Kelan Jaya
LRT Station
Bus SM2

Note: The Starling shuttle bus is one and the same bus but goes to TTDI MRT station and the Kelana Jaya LRT station at different time. I have personally given them different codes to differentiate them as SM1 and SM2 and will later gives their departure times in the relevant post.

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